turas coaching


of insights and change

Our Motto

In a relationship of authenticity, mutual trust, and commitment, Turas Coaching supports leaders in their journey to achieve greater effectiveness and personal fulfillment.

Why Coaching?

Clients enter coaching relationships for a variety of reasons, but with one common goal: Change. The coaching process enables clients to “take a step back,” become more aware of themselves and their relationships, and implement practices to support new ways of being.

Why Sheila McCaffrey?

Sheila McCaffrey, founder of Turas Coaching, brings to her coaching clients a unique blend of corporate experiences (Big Four accounting, Fortune 500 businesses, and government relations) and a passion for personal and spiritual development. A CPA and certified executive coach, Sheila operates from a place of “middle brain.” She accesses logic and intuition equally in weaving together a coaching approach that blends the practical and rational with matters of the heart.

Why Now?

Time is a precious and scarce commodity. In an effort to manage the many demands placed on leaders’ time, their own personal development is often pushed to the back burner. Commitment to a coaching relationship creates the space, challenge and perspective for leaders to look more objectively at how they are operating, and the support, resources and accountability to live the changes they desire.



I look forward to hearing from you to discuss my offerings and approach, and how we can work together.